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Akudo Joy Adiboshi: Benefits of Selfless Acts

· Akudo Joy Adiboshi

Akudo Joy Adiboshi is known to her friends, family, colleagues and patients as a selfless woman. She’s a nursing professional who loves spending time with her family when she isn’t working to save the environment or help the homeless. Adiboshi says she’s a happier person because of her compassionate approach to others.

Going out of their way to help others doesn’t just make people like Akudo Joy Adiboshi happier. It offers countless benefits, some of which are touched on below:

·Overcome Negative Feelings

If you feel prideful, jealous or vain, try dedicating one day a week of focusing only on helping others. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to overcome those negative feelings and instead see the brighter side of life. This can even help with depression, anxiety and loneliness.

·Have a Better Social Life

The kinder you are, the larger your social circle will grow. This isn’t just to make you look good or fill your free time, either. Being social offers real health benefits like a lower risk of certain diseases and longer life.

Remember, if you have a chance to be selfless and help another person, it’s more than worth your effort. People like Akudo Joy Adiboshi make the world a better place every day and they’re happier because of it. Why not join them?

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